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havurah: curriculum

Celebrating Jewish holidays, exploring Torah stories, engaging in community service activities, learning Hebrew language, creating friendship and community around Shabbat, and developing Jewish identity are significant parts of every child's Havurah experience. The Havurah curriculum is co-constructed by children and their teachers. Skilled teachers identify which aspects of these diverse topics are most interesting and appropriate for their particular group of students, then tailor their class's curriculum to excite and engage the children in their Jewish learning experience. Weekly reflections offer families the opportunity to continue the learning process outside of the classroom.

The Arts

Each class has three 5-week specialties throughout the year. Specialties include yoga, cooking, storytelling, songwriting and recording, podcasting, multi-media art, ceramics, and photography. Specialists work with the classroom teachers to design rich and meaningful experience for the children.


Children learn the Hebrew alphabet and to recognize and write letters and numbers. They also learn to read and write their own Hebrew name and relevant Hebrew words. All Hebrew learning is done through games, songs, and interactive activities.

Community Service & Field Trips

Throughout the year, children join their classes on field trips to diverse cultural institutions, from The Metropolitan Museum of Art to The Tenement Museum. Additionally, children take trips to sites in which they engage in community service activities. The Jewish act of mitzvot, or helping others, is a significant part of our approach to education. Our children have opportunities to cook meals and deliver them to soup kitchens and homeless shelters, make pillows for hospitalized children, and help beautify New York’s parks. These activities are all linked to key Jewish values and further tied to the curriculum, through Jewish recipes, holidays, and Torah stories.

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