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At the JCC, you'll find a warm and welcoming environment with programs suited to adults of all ages. Part of our mission includes designing programs especially for certain age groups who enjoy activities with their peers. We offer programs for 20's & 30's together as well as programs targeted "just for 20's" and "just for 30's." Although we make every attempt to promote these age-based programs to the proper age groups, it would be impossible (not to mention unkind) for us to police every program with birth date checks! However, our constituents have found time and time again, that the integrity of age-based programming is maintained very well here at the JCC. Please note that the following programs are designed specifically for those in their 20's + 30's. The JCC offers many programs for all ages, as well as programs specifically for 40's & 50's, and we invite you to take advantage of them.

Although our programs for 20's & 30's are open to all 20s & 30s no matter their stage of life or marital status, you'll find that most 20's & 30's programs are attended by a predominantly singles population because of the age-specific and social nature of these programs. We do offer programming that is very social in nature, promotes community building, networking, Jewish observance and celebration among groups of peers.

The JCC is non-denominational in religious observance. Our Shabbat dinners are intended to be warm, welcoming and accessible to everyone, no matter their background or observance level. We are an open Jewish environment where we follow Shabbat traditions (such as Kiddush, Hand washing, Motzi), and we invite the full participation of both men and women. Our Shabbat Haggadah has Hebrew gender neutral language, transliteration, and English. Shabbat dinner guests are invited to participate in as much or as little of the observance as they would like.

All Shabbat dinners at the JCC are kosher.

Yes, absolutely. Please be advised that the JCC arranges programming on an advanced seasonal schedule, usually 4-6 months beforehand. Please email to make a suggestion, submit a pitch or talk about an idea!

On rare occasion. Due to the demands on space availability in our building, resources and staffing, it is often difficult to accommodate late-breaking program ideas. However, if you have an idea for a program, let us know ~ it may work well for a future program season.

The JCC offers programs suited to almost every interest. The 20's & 30's program area creates programs and runs events in conjunction with other JCC departments such as Culinary Arts, Creative Arts, Film and Arts & Culture - disciplines and activities which consistently find appeal with 20's & 30's. You'll find that 20's & 30's participate in every aspect of JCC life – from Jewish Learning classes to cooking classes to our monthly Lit Cafe.

Please email or call 646.505.5727. We would love to hear from you!

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