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Inside the Studio

Inside the studioThe Patti Gelman Culinary Arts Center is the only fully equipped kosher kitchen to offer both dairy and meat cooking classes in Manhattan. The culinary studio remains bustling throughout the week with instructive cooking classes held daily for adults, teenagers and children. Our intimate, hands-on classes are an ideal place for beginners as well as experienced cooks to improve their cooking skills.

Equipped with five convection ovens and twelve stovetop ranges, our state-of-the-art culinary studio is strictly kosher. We maintain separate supplies, equipment, sinks, and refrigerators. Rabbi Abraham Mamorstein oversees the kashruth for the culinary studio.

Guest Chef, Tom Valenti of 'Cesca and Ouest gives an extraordinary cooking demonstrationWe also have special guest chef appearances each season. Since we opened in January 2002, we have had many wonderful cooking demonstrations by Tom Valenti, Michael Romano, Sarabeth Levine, Arthur Schwartz Jimmy Bradley, Anita Lo, and Joan Nathan to name just a few.

Cooking studentOur classes have attracted students from as far away as Europe, South America and the Middle East. Regardless of where they hail from or if they keep kosher, students from many different backgrounds have come together to cook, eat, laugh and learn in our festive and informative cooking classes.
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